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Partnerships and Adjustments in Later Life with Dorian Mintzer and Connie Goldman

June 28, 2022 Dorian Mintzer
Revolutionize Your Retirement Radio
Partnerships and Adjustments in Later Life with Dorian Mintzer and Connie Goldman
Show Notes

We often face daily changes, challenges, compromises, choices, and losses as we age. Connie Goldman believed that "inspiration and learning are available through sharing personal stories of adjustment and growth. We can help one another find new meaning as our mobility, availability, and relationships change with the circumstances of later life. Throughout her life and shared in her many books, she's collected stories with the belief that "facts illustrate and stories illuminate."

During this episode, we'll hear stories she garnered over the years and some of her words of wisdom from her own life experiences. This is an opportunity to learn from a "wise elder" and feel richer from the connection and the experience.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • How to alter your attitude and expectations as you age.
  • How to recognize possibilities and growth, even in the face of losses.
  • Words of wisdom from a wise elder who is also a pioneer in the positive aging movement.

About Connie Goldman:

Note: Connie passed away from stomach cancer at age 91 on March 8, 2022.  

Formerly on the staff of National Public Radio, Connie Goldman was an award-winning radio producer and reporter. For more than 35 years, her public radio programs, books, and speaking have been exclusively concerned with the changes and challenges of aging and family caregiving.

Grounded in the art of personal stories collected from hundreds of interviews, Connie's presentations were designed to inform, empower, and inspire. Her message on public radio, in print, and in person is clear-make any time of life is an opportunity for new learning, exploring creative pursuits, self-discovery, spiritual deepening, and continued growth.

Her books include The Ageless Spirit; Secrets of Becoming a Late Bloomer; The Gifts of Caregiving - Stories of Hardship, Hope and Healing; Late Life Love-Romance and New Relationships in Late Years; Tending the Earth, Mending the Spirit - The Healing Gifts of Gardening; and Who Am I Now That I'm Not Who I Was - Conversations with Women in Mid-Life and Beyond.

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