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50+ Finding Your Life Balance Between Time, Money, and Joy with Dorian Mintzer and Glenn Frank

January 03, 2023 Dorian Mintzer
Revolutionize Your Retirement Radio
50+ Finding Your Life Balance Between Time, Money, and Joy with Dorian Mintzer and Glenn Frank
Show Notes

Think about it. Most decisions throughout life are an implicit tradeoff between time, money, and happiness. At this critical juncture, an explicit, step-by-step process could create the epiphany you desire while avoiding the outcome you may fear!

What does "retirement" look like for you? The devil is in the details. How will you actually spend each day when 40+ hours become available? Are your cash flows well planned and what are reasonable assumptions to use in your calculations? Do you know what will likely drive your happiness? Rather than a trial-and-error approach with seemingly endless options, it may be best first to determine what will actually work in your life!

Join award-winning financial advisor Glenn Frank while he walks you through his approach to define your next steps as discussed in his retirement planning guide, Your Encore - How to Balance Time, Money, and Joy. There are thousands of wonderful books on time management, finances, happiness, and purpose. This book uniquely connects these interrelated topics for people at their "What's Next" crossroads.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • How "The Joy Matrix" can simplify choice management (what you do and who you do it with) to boost your happiness.
  • How to roughly calculate "Your Work Optional Number."
  • Common financial and emotional pitfalls. 
  • How to begin maximizing your "Happiness per Dollar" and "Happiness per Hour."

About Glenn Frank:

Glenn Frank is the Director of Education at Lexington Wealth Management. He maintains the website for his outside educational endeavors and to provide resources for his followers. As a financial advisor and educator for over 30 years, his work has centered on helping people maximize happiness within the confines of their personal time and financial limitations.

Glenn received the 2019 "Planner of the Year" award from the Massachusetts Financial Planning Association. He was listed by WORTH Magazine for ten years as one of the top advisors in the US. In 1996 Professor Frank was the founding director of Bentley University's Master's Program in Financial Planning.

Professor Frank has authored and has been interviewed for numerous articles, white papers, books, newspapers & magazines, and is the author of the book, Your Encore Retirement Planning Guide - How to Balance Time, Money and Joy. Glenn is a sought-after speaker at conferences, podcasts, and webinars.

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