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The Caring Collaborative with Dorian Mintzer and Betsy Werley

November 28, 2023 Dorian Mintzer
Revolutionize Your Retirement Radio
The Caring Collaborative with Dorian Mintzer and Betsy Werley
Show Notes

In an era where we're living longer, families are far away, and we want to stay independent, self-help programs like the Caring Collaborative fill a gaping hole, whether you live in the suburbs or a city.

The Transition Network's Caring Collaborative program channels the goodwill of our community into practical help with health issues. Grocery shopping, sharing medical experiences, an escort to your rehab session, a note-taker during a doctor's visit - they're all on the Caring Collaborative's menu of ways participants can support each other. You'll learn about TTN's program - and how you can bring its benefits into small and large groups in your life.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • About The Transition Network's Caring Collaborative program, which taps into our community to transform goodwill into practical help
  • How to import Caring Collaborative activities into your own large or small groups
  • Success factors in launching a CC program

About Betsy Werley:

Betsy Werley, former Executive Director (2005-2013) of The Transition Network, is proud to be an "encore career" role model. She joined TTN in 2005 after spending 26 years in the for-profit sector, first as a corporate lawyer and then leading business projects at JPMorgan Chase. Her volunteer service as President of the Financial Women's Association was the catalyst for her decision to pursue a nonprofit job. She has also served as Director of Network Expansion for Encore. Org from 2013-2020 and is currently a freelance liaison to the Pass It On Network.

Betsy is a regular speaker on transitioning to the nonprofit sector and career transitions in general. Her transition story is featured in What's Next? How to Follow Your Passions to a Fantastic and Fulfilling New Career, by Kerry Hannon, AARP's Job expert; and The Big Shift by Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of

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